Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Turquoise Water of a Noosa Summer

Well hello there Bliss Seekers, its been a little while. I always plan to do much more over summer than I actually do! The truth is I just can't drag myself away from this stunning turquoise coloured ocean here at Noosa and the bliss it brings to our life. It is my 'happy' place, the location that rejuvenates my body and soul for the year ahead. Being connected to the ocean through out summer is a spiritual existence for my family. It is by the ocean that we come together as a family, catch up with dear friends, meet new friends, watch and photograph many a perfect wave, sunrise and sunset, immerse ourselves in the divine salty sea, surf, surf, surf and forget about our cares and worries of the world. 

Sitting under the cooling shade of a pandanus tree, watching and photographing family and friends catching perfect little summer sliders and being surrounded by the beautiful summer turquoise waters of Noosa is our ultimate stay-cation. As busy as our little town gets over summer, I just wouldn't choose to be anywhere else in the world. 

Sending you much bliss,
Heather xx

All images are by  me & and are copyright to My Ocean Bliss

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