Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Noosa Summer Seas

Spring Bliss

Spring is a gorgeous time of year temperature wise here at Noosa. It is, however, the season that our beautiful Sunny Coast is swept with northerly winds that 'flatten' most ideas of surfing. It's not as though there isn't anything to do but surf at Noosa though. Our snorkels come out of winter hibernation, paddle boards get used and blissfully calm ocean swims become frequent. But, by the last few weeks of spring, we begin the count down for summer and the passing of those northerly winds.

Long Boards & Single Fins

Catch a wave if you can - First Point line up
The gods of the sea were right on queue this last weekend with some perfect and long awaited waves gracing our shore. The very last weekend of Spring was a beauty with loads of stoke (surfing excitement) at a very packed First Point. It was smiles and single fins all round with the excitement and anticipation of Summer.

Noosa's Ocean Blues

Life shifts down a gear for us now as our Summer of bliss has officially began. Early mornings at the beach and late afternoon surfs, burying myself in a book under the shade of a pandanus tree, lazy afternoons by the river and picnic dinners at Main beach at Sunset....... Life is good!

Heather xx

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