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Finding Their Bliss: Sally & Her Coastal Vintage

Image: Coastal Vintage

Hello Bliss Seekers. I'm so excited to bring another Finding Their Bliss post to you. Sally is another Noosa local and ocean lover who I connected with via the wonderful world of Instagram. Through her gorgeous local business Coastal Vintage, She perfectly combines her love of the sea and love of sourcing coastal inspired vintage wares. I recently caught up with Sally to discover more about how she has found her very own slice of bliss right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live here in Noosa. We moved from Brisbane in May 2013, after 6 years and I just love escaping city life. I never felt really at home in Brisbane as I moved there after spending 10 years at sea where I worked as a private cook on board private yachts sailing all over the world. I left yachting as I felt it was time to do something else with my life and it was Brisbane where my partner lived. 

While living in Brisbane, I was always dreaming of living closer to the sea. I miss the endless days out on the ocean and being near the water. We both wanted to move somewhere for us to enjoy and a place where our two girls would enjoy growing up. As soon as we moved here, I felt this is where I am meant to be. I love the relaxed lifestyle of Noosa, the great restaurants and shops, the National Park, the North Shore and all the little places along the Sunny Coast to explore and visit. So far it has been wonderful.

What has finding your slice of 'Bliss' in life meant to you?  

We bought a place out at Doonan on 2.5acres and it is wonderful, and we've got a big 3 bay shed. I got 2 bays for my business while poor old Mark only got 1. Our new home has allowed me to find balance between work, looking after my girls and family life.

It also has been the perfect place to start my business (opened August 2013) and for the first time since I left yachting, I feel as if I have found a role perfect for me outside of family life and that is sourcing and selling all those things coastal vintage. I love finding old & unique things perfect for the beach shack or coastal home! Many of those things bring back happy memories of being out on the sea.

Image: Coastal Vintage

You are inspired by.....

All things coastal vintage of course and I find if I spend time alone by the sea, reflection is the best inspiration. Having time to sit, reflect and enjoy the sea air after a lovely hour walk is also very inspiring. With life so busy, I don't do it enough and when I do, I find it clears my thoughts and I feel a renewed positive energy. 

And I love the sunrise.... particularly when out at sea. I really miss that.

Image: Stromboli, Sally & her gorgeous girls & An Atlantic Sunset

Describe your perfect Sunday

Spending the day with the family - just the 4 of us. (no work) out and about exploring the Sunny Coast - down by the Noosa River and having a walk somewhere. Or a drive up on the North Shore - we have been twice and look forward to doing it again and going camping when the girls get a little older.

What is your advice to those who are in search of their own little piece of 'Bliss'

If it's a dream.... follow your heart and give it a go. Find a point of difference! 

A huge Thank You to Sally for sharing her exciting story of bliss with me. I hope it inspires all of you Bliss Seekers out there to discover & acknowledge some bliss in your own life too.

Heather xx

All images copyright to Sally at Coastal Vintage

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