Saturday, 8 November 2014

An Affair with Italy, A French Wedding & A Portrait Shoot with Carla Coulson

Upon returning from a blissfully romantic Italian holiday and Greek Island adventure, Mr Bliss and I devised a 5 year plan. We were determined to 'have it all' and had big plans with regard to buying property, more Italian holidays to feed our LOVE of Italy, career goals and then a family once we were settled and all sorted. Six months later, I was pregnant with my eldest bliss baby and our 5 year plan went out the widow. That was seventeen years ago. We continued to work through our '5 year plan'. It has taken us a little (ha, ha a lot!) longer than anticipated, but we've had two beautiful souls accompanying us on this adventurous, at times challenging and varied journey life has provided us with.  

So, seventeen years on, we are finally planning our next dream European holiday as a family of four. 2015 is going to be a big year for this little family. My 40th birthday, 20th wedding anniversary for Mr Bliss and I, and our attendance at a very special wedding in France. We've waited what seems to be an eternity to be able to make these plans and want this family holiday to be total bliss in every way possible. All the years of dreaming of the Amalfi Coast, Verona, Rome, Venice, The French Riviera, Paris, Monet's Garden, a portrait shoot with the very gorgeous and talented Carla Coulson and so, so much more are actually becoming a reality!

Any tips or suggestions you may have on finding some extra special bliss in Italy and France will be graciously accepted.

Sending you much bliss on this beautiful spring weekend, Heather xx

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  1. Oh how wonderful! It will be amazing. And a shoot with Carla Coulson will be fantastic too Heather. Wow!

  2. Sounds great! I'm soooo happy for you! When do you plan to come to Europe?

    1. Hello there Alex! We will be heading over in July so we can enjoy some of your summer. So excied & can't wait! Thanks for stopping by. Much bliss to you, Heather x


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