Friday, 24 October 2014

Training With Kettle Bells

Quite simply I have a new training addiction. Kettle Bells and they are amazing! As I've mentioned before, I'm not "sporty' fit and I don't spend hours at a gym. I do enjoy looking after my body through great nutrition, getting outdoors and a little bit of weight bearing exercise to keep my bones strong. 

My personal trainer, who happens to be Mr Bliss (lucky me and not so lucky me) introduced me to kettle bells a couple of months back. They have reinvigorated my interest in training and have produced some very pleasing results, especially around my middle.

Here are 6 facts about this style of training by Mr Bliss;

1. Simplicity – with only one or two basic pieces of equipment you can perform a complete body workout, anywhere, anytime

2. Increase your strength without muscle bulk. Your body becomes lean & toned

3. Functional benefits – improve everyday activity, or sports performance

4. Very effective for core strengthening

5. Time-effective - combine your cardio & resistance workout into one relatively short session

6. Significantly reduces body fat (particularly when combined with a nutritional eating program)

So there you have it Bliss Seekers. Training with Kettle Bells can be an effective and efficient way to keep your body strong. Heres to a healthy and blissful weekend!

Heather xx

Please Note; Mr Bliss is a fully qualified Personal trainer who has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Please remember to consult your doctor or a fitness professional before embarking on any new fitness program.

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