Friday, 17 October 2014

Sunday Morning Beach & Surfing

Would your body fill with dread if your alarm sounded at 5:30am on a Sunday Morning? Mine does for a split second, until I remember the bliss that awaits me once I raise my weary head from its very comfortable pillow. A 5:30am Sunday alarm means it's family morning at the beach. Sounds crazy I know, but it really works for us. We're fortunate that our teenage son still enjoys being apart of these early morning jaunts. Largely due to the fact, I suspect, that we can transport him and his beloved board to his most favourite place on earth, with a bakery brekky supplied. Regardless, it's still heartwarming to think he finds his parents and little sister to be good company.

Being spring, the Sun had already risen by 5:30am, the air was mild, the sky was blue, the water was sparkling and the beach was relatively quiet. On this particular Sunday we met up with Noosa Malibu Club, of which my family are members, for the monthly point score. The only thing better than being at the beach early on a gorgeous morning, is being there with friends.... and waves. Nice little sliders perfect for a 9'2" single fin will do.

Happy Weekend Bliss Seekers, hope you get to enjoy some sunshine and saltwater. Much bliss  Heather xx

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