Friday, 26 September 2014

Sheer Bliss Beauty Day Spa

Hello Bliss Seekers. Today's post is about my recent visit to Sheer Bliss Beauty Day Spa. This is not a sponsored post. The minute I walk through the doors, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of bliss and knew I had to share the bliss with you here. 

My gorgeous husband surprised me with a very indulgent voucher from Sheer Bliss for our 19th wedding anniversary a couple of months ago and I was so looking forward to finally using it. After pouring over their menu of services, I decided to book an 'Intense Prescription Facial' and an 'Exotic Hand Ritual'

On arrival I was completely taken by the luxurious french provincial style and the delicate uplifting scent that filled the air. This, I was soon to discover was only the beginning of my two hour indulgence. I was escorted by the lovely Zea down a hallway to the main spa area which, to my surprise, was even more stunning than the reception area. I am a regular visitor to Noosa Marina (the location of this little setting of bliss) for its serenity, cafes and water view, and it does not disappoint as a setting for this gorgeous day spa.

Eagerly awaiting my treatment, I sat at a table decorated with a vase of fresh flowers and in the warmth of the spring morning sunshine. Zea soon reappeared carrying a tray with a warm refreshment hand towel and a glass of fresh juice to enjoy while I filled in the necessary paperwork. That moment, overlooking the beautiful Noosa river was complete bliss and I hadn't even began my treatments!

The treatment room was cosy, softly light, filled with a subtle fresh day spa scent and extremely relaxing. As for the treatment; the products used were divine and it was absolute sheer bliss. My lovely therapist Paula was friendly, welcoming and professional and allowed me to completely relax in my own thoughts whilst suspended in a state of semi-conscious bliss. My exotic hand ritual was completed in the beautiful sunny main spa area and was accompanied by a heavenly cup of tea in very beautiful china tea cup.

This gorgeous day spa most certainly lives up to its name. It is the perfect location for a luxuriously intimate treatment or just as ideal for a group of gals to enjoy together. Their services are extensive and Paula and Zea are committed to accommodating all of your beauty needs. Do I even need to mention that I will be visiting again very soon?

A full list of services and contact details for Sheer Bliss Beauty can be found on their website.
Sheer Bliss Beauty Day Spa

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All photos are copyright to Heather W. & My Ocean Bliss

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