Monday, 25 August 2014

Winter Sun

A very big hello to you Bliss Seekers! So tell me, what has winter been like for you? With only a few days left, it has almost been and gone! For me, this winter has been about withdrawing, turning inwards, reflecting, re-thinking, re-evaluating and planning ahead. My chosen path has been one less travelled yet all the while a journey of self discovery over the last few months. The act of finding those little moments of bliss has still been central to my days. I have though, gone further afield and found myself in previously unknown surroundings to discover them. 

Even though much has been different recently, there were some things that stayed the same. Beautiful winter blue skies have kept my heart filled with bliss, I have bathed under the warmth of the  winter sun and the crystal clear ocean has yet again been my companion. As a result, my spirit feels replenished, re-invigorated and illuminated as I eagerly await the oncoming spring and all of the adventures it brings. 

What has winter been like for you? Has it been a time for reflection?

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

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