Monday, 9 December 2013

Moments of Bliss: Summer Is In The Air!

Hello Bliss Seekers! I can not believe we have reached this time of year once again. The days are getting warmer, the sun is setting a little later and the smell of good old Aussie barbecues are wafting through the air most evenings. End of year celebrations have kept us busy, Christmas parties are being planned and the count down till our precious family arrives from New South Wales is well under way. The summer school holidays; my most favourite time of year, is only a whisker away and to top it all off, the water temperature is already a balmy 23.5 degrees. Summer is definitely in the air!

I hope you are enjoying the count down to the festive season too. It really is a special time of year. Sending out much summer bliss, Heather xx

All photos are By Heather W. 

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  1. N.S.W. Family can't wait to experience a Noosa Christmas but most of all precious time together with family. Most of us are on burnout so rest & relaxation is top of the wishes list. By the way great photos too. Xx


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