Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Moments: Coolum Coastal Walk & Young Environmentalists

Hello Bliss Seekers, today's stunning images come to you from a recent walk I participated in with some local students. Our 2.5km walk began at Tickle Park, Coolum Beach and finished at Point Arkwright. The reason being to take a closer look at, and understand how natural erosion has effected our beautiful coastline. The students also discovered some of the strategies being implemented to reduce the human impact of erosion. 

I was amazed at just how much these young students understood about their natural environment. The  overwhelming interest shown by them in wanting to protect their wonderful coastline was truly endearing. Considering that this is the student's local area and that these are views they see most days; there wasn't any shortage of photo's being taken by them.

It was clear just how much kids are being taught and understand about the environment these days. When nature is a part of their education and lifestyle, they really do become attuned to it. Kids naturally seem to develop a very healthy respect for wanting to protect their natural surroundings. And that can't be a bad thing for any of us!

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All images are by Heather W with my iPhone & copyright to My Ocean Bliss


  1. Hello Heather! I discovered your blog via BYW (I am a fellow student) and I must admit that your work is gorgeous. I love the ocean thought I live far from it and these contents are shining stones to my eyes.

    Often children understand about what we have to treasure more than adults do. I never cease to be impressed by them :)

  2. Thank you so much for popping in Barbara and for your very kind words! It's lovely to know that some of my ocean bliss has made it all the way over to Italy.

    You are so right about kids and nature. We adults can learn a lot from our younger generations

    Enjoy the class and stay in contact, it has been lovely to meet you and visit your stunning blog too. Much bliss, Heather xx


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