Monday, 25 November 2013

Finding Their Bliss: A Surfer Girl & her Gypsy Journey

Hello there Bliss Seekers! Today's Q&A is with the very lovely surfer babe Emma - Jane. Her journey to seek out her very own slice of bliss has lead her on an adventure of the heart, with some awesome waves along the way. This girl from Tassie, quit her day job and embarked on an adventure that lead her to the discovery of her true and authentic self. I'm sure you are going to love hearing her story!

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

Well I live in Australia.... I spend the summer months in Tasmania and the winter months floating between Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. Sometimes I can be found elsewhere in this big wide land.... That is the beauty of my lifestyle as a House and Petsitter. What do I love about it? Absolutely and without a slice of doubt EVERYTHING! It is the perfect lifestyle for this little gypsy girl.

What has finding your slice of 'Bliss' in life meant to you?

Finding my 'slice of bliss in life' has given me the freedom to be myself completely and fully. My lifestyle as a House and Pet sitter consists of spending my days travelling the coast exploring and surfing this diverse country and spending periods of time in different communities. This has offered me not only freedom, but also the opportunity to create special connections with people in coastal communities that I would never have been able to experience had I have chosen a different journey. It has allowed me the sacred time to spend nurturing my connection to the ocean and mother nature through surfing and the inspiration to share that special gift as I am now a qualified Surfing Instructor! Yay! By opening myself up to an alternative way of living life by not working a 9-5 job my health and well being has naturally become an everyday focus. 

You are inspired by.....

First and foremost my mum, Winsome. She is an incredibly strong, independent and capable woman. She and my dad Gerry have always told my brothers and I that what makes them happy is seeing us do what we love, they have never ever judged or questioned the choices we have made in our lives. My mum is an important presence on my journey and my love of the bush and nature comes from her. My love of and connection with the ocean comes from my dad, who has spent a great part of his life sailing and being by the ocean. Of course this leads to my other inspirations; The ocean and Mother Nature. Without these two incredible connections in life - family and nature - what do we have  

Describe your perfect Sunday.....   
The perfect Sunday? Hmmmmm..... Waking up to the sound of the birds singing sweetly followed by a healthy breakfast.... Time by the ocean swimming, surfing and playing.... Time with family and friends.... And some me time in nature perhaps just soaking in the blissfulness of the simple things like the sunshine falling upon my face and body x

What is your advice to those who are in search of their own little piece of 'Bliss'

I think it is super important to be yourself completely and wholly, to trust in yourself and what you desire in life. Every person is so different and this is what makes life so interesting. Life is there for living but it is our attitude to life that really makes it what it is... What attitude are you going to choose today? 

A huge thank you to Emma Jane for sharing her story, which really begs the question, "have you found you own slice of bliss in life?" 
Sending  you much bliss, Heather xx  

All images were provided by Emma-Jane and remain copyright to her. They were taken at her favourite surfing spots on the NSW mid north coast and while on her surfing adventure in Hawaii

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