Friday, 8 November 2013

Finding Their Bliss: Ocean Inspired Art of The Lacquerie

Oh my gosh, do I have a treat for you today Bliss Seekers. This magnificent artwork is called 'Ocean Air' and was created by Stacy from The Lacquerie. I met this lovely lady and wonderfully talented artist through her blog last year. As soon as I read her bio, I sensed an instant connection. We are both ocean lovers and beach girls at heart and have a shared love and excitement for blogging. Even though we are continents apart, through blogging we have been able to build a very special connection.

So, here are Stacy's answers to the questions I put to her with regard to finding her bliss. Enjoy!

1)  Where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live in Sunny San Diego, CA and I love it for the obvious reasons, but the best part is having all of the big city amenities in what feels like a little beach town.

2) What has finding your piece of 'Bliss' meant to you? 

Bliss to me, is my creative process. I love getting into a collage or painting with no expectations; just diving in and zoning out. It clears my head every time.

3) You are inspired by…..

The ocean, traveling, music, David Hockney, Xochi Solis, Emily Rickard, just to name a few!

4) Describe your perfect Sunday

I'd wake up with (easy) yoga, a large coffee (cream, no sugar) then read and/or nap at Windansea Beach… Dinner would be sushi with my favourite people and later I'd work on something creative like jewellery or a collage.

5) What is your advice to those who are in search of their own little piece of 'Bliss'

Remember to make time for yourself and whatever it is that you LOVE. And try not to compare happiness to others, we're all on different agendas!

Stacy is a Graphic Designer who specialises in print, creating mixed media collages and jewellery. I adore her mixed media collages. They are so unique and always have a fascinating story to tell. You can find all of her artwork at her blog, The Lacquerie. Stacy's beautifully curated blog is a visual feast for the eyes and full of creative inspiration.

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx 

All images in this post are courtesy of and remain copyright to Stacy Haskell.


  1. Heather, this an amazing post with a lovely and inspiring person. I wish I would do more creative work for myself that makes me happy. She is totally right, remember to make time! Lovely collages! xx


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