Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bliss Inspiration: Solitude Doesn't Have to Mean Lonely

Well Bliss Seekers, I've often heard it said that solitude is the most direct pathway to experiencing moments of clarity and inspirational thoughts. Solitude is defined as; the state of being alone; seclusion; remoteness from habitation; absence of human activity. Contrary to this definition; I often find myself on a crowded beach, walking along a busy boardwalk or relaxing contently in the company of others with a full belly at a beach side cafe, and be overwhelmed by a sense of solitude of thoughts or a moment of clarity.

Maybe such a sense is triggered by my close proximity to nature or in particular my 'happy' place, the ocean and the connection I feel to it. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have actually learnt something after many years of practising meditation and yoga. That is, that I can zone into a single thought or point of focus regardless of my surroundings. Personally, I find solitude is more of a state of mind then a physical lack of the presence of others.

Knowing I can tap into this relaxed state even when the world is whizzing past, has done wonders for my sense of calm and clarity of thoughts over the years. The sound of the ocean lapping along the shore line, waves crashing against rocks, squeals of fun and laughter emanating off the beach, or the knocking sounds of footsteps of fellow walkers/runners along a wooden boardwalk, all seem to enhance my ability to focus and find solitude. 

Have you ever thought about whether you need to be completely alone to experience solitude and clarity of thought. Or are you like me, and just need to be in the right setting; with or without company. Here's to finding a little bit of solitude this weekend and a whole lot of bliss! Heather xx

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