Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Noosa Bliss: 5 Reasons I Keep Returning To This Unique Store

Hello there Bliss Seekers. Have you ever thought about why you return to the same store to spend your hard earned cash? One of my favourite shops is this unique Aladdin's cave for the ocean lover called Tres' Noosa, at Noosa Junction. Apart from feeding my little obsession for shells, beach style home decor and seaside treasures, there are some key elements as to why Miss R and I keep visiting (and purchasing from) this store.

1. The unique store set up - With shells being the core product range in this shop, I always feel as though I am walking into a beautifully styled beach shack on a tropical island. The sand covered floor adds that tiny bit of quirkiness that separates this store from others.

2. This store has stayed true to it's core product range - I have seen it before where people follow fads and trends rather than sticking to their core products, and loose their original unique identity in the process. Pauline has obviously built her business on the passion for her product and not for following the latest fast trends. I can always rely on finding a wonderful selection of beautiful products every time I visit.

3. Locally sourced and local made products - I love to shop and support local, it sits well with my beliefs

4. Extra Services - All purchases can be packed ready for posting. Considering all of my family live interstate, anything I purchase will need to be posted. This service saves me the wrestle and bother of bubble wrap and such. It also allows the recipients of my gifts to receive something other than a gift card which rather boringly fits in a standard envelope.

5. Keen to share her knowledge and passion - Pauline offers art classes for kids and Adults where customers can jump right in and make their own fabulous works of shell art. Miss R and I love doing this together and it is makes a wonderfully unique gift for that someone special. 

I wonder what it is about your favourite place to shop that keeps you going back? Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

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