Friday, 18 October 2013

Moments of Bliss: Windy Beach Days & Small Surf

Hello Bliss Seekers! You might be surprised to know that there are actually times when I avoid the beach. I don't like to be on the beach when there is a strong breeze and we have had a lot of strong onshore winds lately. Well beyond that of a gentle ocean breeze. Call me a cry baby but these conditions make my ears ache and sand being blasted against my body doesn't take the place of a natural exfoliant. It simply takes away any feelings of bliss I have for the beach.

But this particular day was different. I'm not sure if it was because of the relative peace I'd experienced earlier that day, or the fact that even though it was windy, I wasn't being sand blasted. Maybe it was the soothing colours of ocean blues, the white caps on the chopped up waves or the glittering of the wet sand that was in my field of view.

Perhaps this blissful vibe was due to the activity I was enjoying whilst at the beach. I, like many other people standing on the shore line, was watching over my kids while they surfed. Waves have been practically non existent on Noosa Main beach of late. The only little ripples that have appeared haven't been surf-able (if I can use such a word)  to anyone over 5ft tall and 40gk in weight. They have been, however, perfect for all the little local groms who never want to miss an opportunity to catch a wave! 

In any case, whatever the reason was, on this particular day I actually enjoyed the beach even though it was ridiculously windy. Sending you all much bliss for the weekend, Heather xx

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