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Finding Their Bliss: The Adventures of Designclaud

Hello Bliss Seekers and welcome to my latest Q&A with Claudia, who has chosen to follow her heart and create her own slice of bliss. Claudia is the author of Designclaud; a blog full of inspirational travel stories and honest experiences. Designclaud is also packed full of resources and handy tips for anyone who is interested in travel. Claudia and her partner left their very comfortable lifestyle in The Netherlands for the adventures of world travel, and I'm so excited to introduce her to you. So, lets get to it!

1 Where do you live and what do you love about it? 

At the moment I live in Bali since the beginning of September. We will stay here for another 2 months. Bali is a beautiful and magical place. The local people, which are quiet different from the Indonesians, are bright, happy and welcome non-Balinese people. The main religion on the island is Hindu, that's why you will experience a lot of ceremonies, temples, offerings and the celebrating of the full moon in Bali. The foreigners that are living here, are mostly seeking for meaning or something different in their life. They want to do it totally different and start fresh on Bali. That's what I love about the island because it gives you so many chances and opportunities to explore yourself!

2 What does living your 'bliss' mean to you? 

I'm still finding my piece of Bliss every day I think. Little by little pieces come together. It's not that I wasn't happy before I started my travels, it's more that I just did what I had to do in life and never thought about it. School, studying, finding a job and working a lot. But what is the meaning of your life? Is working my ass off every day without meaning? Is that who I am? So, nowadays I find bliss in the moments when I learn something new about the world, when my horizon gets bigger and when my inner self gets happy from the things I do and create. I would never want to loose that anymore.  

3 You are inspired by….. 

People who do what their heart tells them to do. What ever other people may think, they just do it. For example, my yoga teacher here on Bali (I've got 2 teachers), they both inspire me by their lifestyle and their mind set. They moved to Bali, eat super healthy, think about their little person inside without being selfish, they are incredibly smart and know a lot about the world. People who see the world instead of only their country, inspire me. Their eyes have the whole world in their, they have travelled and seen beautiful but also awful things. I find that's pure beauty in a person.

4 Describe your perfect Sunday 

Haha, this is a tricky question. It's like my family and friends say; every day is a Sunday for me. But I still love the Sundays because they have a special vibe. My best Sunday is to sleep in a little bit, have a lovely breakfast together with my boyfriend, walk to the beach and take pictures of the beautiful scenery and people, hang around and wander... Around 4 we would have a fresh coconut and watch the sunset later on.. After a great dinner, we would walk back to our house and snuggle into bed early.. ;-) Is this too boring? I really like boring sometimes, after 16 months of travelling haha..

5 What is your advice to those who are in search of their own 'bliss' 

My advice is to follow your heart and don't wait around. The timing will never be perfectly right. When a dream doesn't frighten you, it's not big enough! (Saw that somewhere on Pinterest but it's so true!) And life passes by so quickly. You shouldn't wait to do what ever you would love to do. You shouldn't think about what others may think. Break all of this, break these rules and you will be happy! 

Have you ever felt like packing up your life and travelling the world to experience all the adventures it and life has to offer?  There have certainly been times through out my life where I've had such feelings but I wonder if I would really have the courage to follow through and turn the thought into a reality. Maybe, I have just answered my own question. 

Sending you all very much bliss, Heather xx

All images were supplied by Claudia Arrends and remain copyright to her.


  1. Hi Heather, Thank you so much for asking me and giving me the opportunity to be part of your column! :-) xx Claudia

    1. It has been my absolute pleasure, Thank you!

  2. Hey great post!!! I love the idea of this column..very inspiring. Very wise words very excited to meet up with this inspiring girl in person next month!!!

    1. Thank You Nicole. Yes Claudia is definately living life to the fullest! xxx


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