Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Moments of Bliss: Do You Nurture Your Spirit?

Hello Bliss seekers, in my last post I mentioned the idea of nurturing your soul. I believe that to lead a healthy and holistic life with clarity of thoughts, you need to care for your spirit as well as your body. The latter is often neglected because our lives are so busy and full along with the misconception that only "hippy folk' concentrate on such things. On the contrary, it is the little moments of bliss that often nurture my spirit the most. In my experience, my spirit soars when I am doing something I truly love to do and enjoy so much that I forget about all else.

It will be no surprise to you that; you guessed it; the beach and the ocean is at the top of my list, with photography a very close second. Spending a morning at the beach to read a good book, write up and coming blog posts and photograph the local action, all without a time limit, would have to be the ultimate way to nurture my spirit. When doing this, I really can let the whole world around me slip away, along with any stress or anxiety I may be carrying.

You may be surprised to know though, that my life doesn't consist of days filled with an endless amount of time hanging around the beach, swimming in the ocean, drinking lattes, watching Mr P surf and taking photos. I do however endeavour to get to the beach every day, with the time I have available dictating which activity will be done in its presence.

Even on my busiest days, I find the time to dedicate to enjoying and acknowledging little moments of bliss. Some of which include taking photos of any beauty that captures my attention, burning scented candles, quiet moments to myself late at night once everyone else has gone to bed, listening to the early morning bird symphonies, enjoying the sunshine while sitting in my garden, connecting with nature,  my first cup of tea for the day, eating clean healthy food, playing my favourite songs really loud in the car when I'm on my own (or while the kids are with me, depending on how much love and joy they are or aren't radiating!) My list could go on and on but the important thing to remember is that by acknowledging these little moments, you will be nurturing your spirit and your heart really will soar. So, when was the last time you nurtured your spirit? Do you have one special thing you do, or is it a multitude of little ones?

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

Image by Heather W.

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