Saturday, 14 September 2013

Image Bliss: Lauren Hill and her Sea Kin Project

Hello Bliss Seekers, I adore this image of Lauren Hill. I wonder if it is the crusiy weekend vibe it portrays or the refreshing feeling of mild spring temperatures (my favourite season of the whole year), which is comfortably cooler than the scorching mid-summer heat we get her in Oz. I love the wet suit style cozzie, it has a very glamorous 'bond girl' feel and makes me wish I could surf just so I could wear one too! The gorgeous board completes the relaxed ambiance of this image with a very bohemian style of its own.

Lauren is sponsored by Billabong (lucky chicka, I'm thinking of all the clothes here) and splits her time between St. Augustine, Florida and the world class breaks of the very beautiful Byron Bay here in Australia. With a degree in Environmental and Social Science, she has a passion for environmental activism, sustainability and gender equality. Her Sea Kin project typifies her love for surfing, equality within it's community and the environment as a wonderfully informative resource. All in all she is another talented young woman doing amazing things and becoming a beautiful role model for young people, and in particular young girls. If you want to be inspired, jut check out her Sea Kin site

Enjoy your weekend and remember to find some bliss, Heather xx

Images via Billabong Girls Australia

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