Thursday, 8 August 2013

Noosa Bliss : Learning to Surf

Not just your average group of surfers here.

Hello there Bliss Seekers. Have you ever wondered how little grooms actually first learn how to surf? My Miss R is a relative late comer to Surfing. She started when she was 8 years old and it was amidst the white wash. Two years on and she is now out amongst the real waves but with her dad swimming along by her side or paddling close by on his board.  

Dad was pointing out the incoming swell while his little buddy listened very closely. 

I spotted this very cool sight last weekend at Noosa's Little Cove and realised just how young grooms can be to learn how to surf. I couldn't help but feel I had captured a very special moment between this student and teacher that was quite possibly a father and son, I don't know for sure. I could just imagine how proud this Dad would be of his brave little buddy, and how special this little man must have felt to be out in the surf with his Dad. 

Here they go!

I stood and watched this dynamic duo catch quite a few waves, with out any special treatment, dropping in or queue jumping. It seems that surf etiquette was being taught as well as skill and technique!

Riding the wave.

Dad stood up first, then picked his little man up by the life jacket, who stood his ground on that board like a little pro.

Just like a pro.

The long rolling waves were caught and perfectly navigated all the way to the beach. In the 20 minutes I stood there watching these two, I never saw the little one fall into the water. What a wonderful moment it was. One that I'm guessing was the creation of some very special memories for both of them.   

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All images were taken by Heather W

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