Friday, 23 August 2013

Moments Of Bliss : The Benefits of Dedicating Time to Nature & the Great Outdoors

Master T checking out the surf and some photo opportunities

Hello Bliss Seekers. The only thing better than being surrounded by nature and glorious weather, is being amongst it with the ones I love. We have been absolutely blessed when it has come to the weather this winter. The Sunshine Coast has truly lived up to its name with many days filled with beautiful blue skies and sunny days. South East Queensland has a fairly mild temperature range all year round which is very convenient for a family of beach and outdoor lovers like ourselves. 

Miss R is sure she can see some waves!

I find spending time together while enjoying our beautiful surroundings is a fantastic way to stay connected as a family. It allows conversations to just naturally occur, inspires creative thoughts and becomes the backdrop for many of our family discussions. As I've mentioned before, being outdoors has a very soothing effect on all of us. This lovely mild winter weather has meant our weekends have been packed with bush walks, beach fun, picnics and some fabulous family time of late. 

Just taking in the magnificent view while walking through Noosa National Park

The routine of life can often become hectic and at times draining. Dedicating time to getting outside, filling my lungs with fresh air and feeling the warmth of the winter sun on my skin completely recharges my batteries, rejuvenates my soul and clears my mind. Add a bit of exercise into the equation with my family and friends, and I feel super charged and ready for anything. 

How do you recharge your batteries? Does it depend on the weather and your natural surroundings?
Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All photos by Heather W


  1. I love listening to the birds early in the morning, you know that the sun must be coming up soon. Going for walks along Shellharbour beaches is especially refreshing and clearing. I am the best during the daylight, night time is restful for me. Love your story Heather, J.B. xx

    1. Thank you for visiting. Shellharbour is a lovely place to go for a walk along the ocean. I too prefer to leave the darker hours for resting. Heather xx


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