Monday, 22 July 2013

Weekend Bliss : Beach Days, Winter Sun & A Warm Coconut Loaf

Hello Bliss Seekers. I must say that Mondays are much easier to face when you've been able to find some bliss over the previous weekend. We experienced a ridiculously low tide here at Noosa Main Beach which meant no surfing but left a great deal of coastline to explore. Being able to walk from Main Beach around to Little Cove via the sand was a rare treat. We stood on the sand at First Point which is usually well under water and filled with plenty of surf action. I love that the ever changing landscape of the seaside can be quite spectacular and certainly full of surprises. 

The winter sun made for some excellent relaxation at the beach and for the opportunity to soak up some Vitamin D. The water is too cold for me at the moment (19 - 20 degrees Celsius mind you) for swimming, but a spot on the sand was the perfect location for a family beach side morning tea. The sun can be absolutely scorching through the summer months. Being able to enjoy it with the crispness of the winter air is so invigorating and completely recharges my batteries!

My lovely Insta-Friend Tara, over at The Nutrition Guru and The Chef posted a yummy looking recipe for a gluten and dairy free Sweet Potato, Coconut and Chai loaf that Miss R and I just could not resist testing out. The result was as gorgeous as I thought it would be. The warm loaf made a perfect Sunday afternoon treat and also supplied something scrumptiously healthy (shhhh don't tell the kids) in the lunch boxes for morning tea today.

So, there really is something to finding some bliss on the weekends. It does make Mondays a lot easier to face. Sending you Much Bliss, Heather xx

All photos by Heather W 

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