Thursday, 11 July 2013

Moments of Bliss : A Sentimental Home Coming

Hello Bliss Seekers, today I am getting back to one of my earlier posts with images from our trip to Shellharbour. This is the village I grew up in, moved away from, then returned to with my husband once my eldest child was born. Gosh, it sounds like I lived a hundred years ago and was sent away to find a husband when I put it like that! It is actually where my close family still reside and the location of many a nostalgic memory. There have been so many winter days, both as a child and with my own childrenspent exploring this coastline in our gumboots and raincoats. I have long since held great amounts of gratitude for it's beauty and ferocity through the winter months. Visiting it again after a two year absence quite frankly overwhelmed me with great amounts of sentiment.

As I watched over the swell at Cowries and Red Sands (popular local surf breaks) I became a teenage girl once again who would stand in the same spot to check out the talent of the local lads in the water.

Many, many hours of childhood play and exploration have been spent on these rock platforms. Where beautiful seaside treasures were found and rock pools full of tiny specimens of ocean life were observed.

As I looked over this gorgeous ocean pool, I remembered the amount of times we would rush down to it to watch the wintery high tides surge into it. This was also a time prior to smart phones and Instagram so such images will remain etched in my memory.

As much as I completely adore my subtropical coastal lifestyle here at Noosa (and wouldn't change it for the world), it seems that there are little fragments of my heart scattered along the coastline of Shellharbour Village that will remain there forever.

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All photos are by Heather Woods

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