Monday, 8 July 2013

Image Bliss : Do Your Pictures Capture a Special Memory?

Hello Bliss Seekers, have you ever thought about what you are capturing in your photos and in particular your snap shots? What is it that compels you to take that image at that very moment? Is it simple beauty, connection to people, a person or a particular landscape? Is it a reaction to the environment you find yourself in, the need to capture the moment or are you a happy snapper that loves to take photos of everything? 

I have to admit, I am a tid bit of all of the above. If you ask my family, they will tell you that I am an over-excited happy snapper that takes way too many photos. If I don't have my DSLR I have my phone (more about that in a post planned for next week). The more photos I take, the more my eyes and brain tends to see potential compositions, interesting focal points and fascinating subject matter. My heart on the other hand, doesn't want to miss a single treasured moment in time, which is the combination that leads to an endless supply of photos

I adore capturing my family as they go about their daily activities rather then having them pose for a photo. The above image of Master T. appears to be fairly unassuming but holds a lot of personal and sentimental meaning to me and my family life. Master T and I have accidentally developed a bit of a regular mother - son event that is summed up by the quick snap I took with my phone. While standing at Noosa Main Beach and enjoying the moment I felt compeled to capture it. This image was definately a case of my reaction to the beautiful landscape I was surrounded by, my connection to the person (my ever so quickly growing son) in it and the desire to capture a sentimental moment in time. In the future, this image will serve as a doorway to the memories that Master T and I created during our mother - son time. Think about what it is you are capturing, the next time you take a photo.

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

Photo by Heather W and is copyright to My Ocean Bliss

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