Friday, 19 July 2013

Image Bliss :The Big Blue Sea

Hello lovely bliss Seekers. Due to my bone chilling innate fear of deep blue water, the very thought of these images makes me extremely uneasy. More about that in a post I have scheduled for next week. I snapped them from the stunning Boiling Pot lookout at Noosa National Park. Although it looks like these surfers are on their very lonesome, they were actually not that far away from each other, but that doesn't make me feel any easier about the whole idea. 

I have been around surfers long enough to know that they will go to extraordinary lengths to catch the perfect uninterrupted wave. On this particular day, there was a nice large swell rolling in and being the end of the school holidays, most of Noosa's surf breaks were extremely packed. I suppose these two wanted their own waves and some relative peace and quiet. Apparently, they were prepared to embark on the long paddle required in the deep blue sea to get it. As the saying goes; (and I am really badly paraphrasing here) one needs to climb out to the farthest branch to pick the freshest plumpest fruit or in this case; one needs to paddle out to the farthest deepest point break to catch the best uninterrupted wave and find some solitude. 

I'd love to know what thoughts are going through their minds. Are they focused on the end result being the wave, are they even a little bit scared, or are they just trying to get away from the crowds? Whatever they are thinking, I must admit, I am a little bit envious of their courage. Unfortunately, my lack of courage often gets in the way of me achieving new sporting heights. I wish it wasn't the case, but the truth is, it is! Do you have courage when it comes to trying new 'risky' sporting adventures or are you like me; too much of a scaredy pants to take too many risk?

Enjoy your Friday and don't forget to find some bliss, or maybe even some adventure this weekend, Heather xx

Photos are by Heather W and were taken with my phone

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