Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bliss Inspiration - Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

Hello there Bliss Seekers, have you ever seen this very cool surfer chic in action? 23 year old Sally Fitzgibbons is one of Miss R's (and mine for that matter) favourite surfer girl to follow. She is from Gerroa on the NSW South coast which is about 30km's away from our original home town Shellharbour Village. Since we were recently down that way, I thought it was the perfect time to mention Sally and her talents.

She learned to surf when she was six years of age and became the youngest surfer to win the ASP Pro Junior event at age fourteen. Sally continued to set records through out her junior years and began representing Australia at age fifteen. In 2008 she became the youngest world surfing tour qualifier in ASP Pro history and has since been a hot contender to taking the world champion title being runner up for the last three years in fact.

Apart from all the training, touring and surfing at the worlds best wave breaks, Sally also gets to do a spot of modeling. With one of her major sponsors being Roxy (lucky girl) Sally is often being photographed in exotic locations wearing the latest swimwear and surf fashions. This would have to be many girls dream; to travel to the world's best beaches whilst being decked out in the latest fashions…..pure bliss I would say! In all fairness, Sally is a remarkable athlete who is dedicated to her ambition to be world champion. I am sure she will get there sooner rather than later. The clip below (or here if you are viewing from a mobile device/tablet) is of Sally training and surfing at a wave pool in Dubai and highlights her sheer raw talent and natural beauty wonderfully.

Do you have a favourite surfer or athlete that you like to follow, or perhaps are inspired by?

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All images and film clip are via Sally Fitzgibbons' website


  1. great photos and story of a wonderful achiever this week Heather. I can certainly see little Miss R. becoming just as famous too.

    1. Miss R would certainly love that! It's great for kids to have role models they can be inspired by and especially so for our young and impressionable girls. Sending you much bliss xx


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