Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Moments of Bliss : Instagram + InstaMeet = InstaFriends

Hello there Bliss Seekers, have you ever had a random insta-meet? (which is where you meet up with someone you are following or is following you on Instagram). Today I would like to share with you my recent Instagram meet ups and, how when used with good intentions, social media can actually develop new friendships. I have mentioned to you before that I have in the past been a bit of a scaredy pants when it comes to social media. In the beginning I was skeptical of it's benefits and wary of its integrity. My experience with Instagram though, has definitely changed my whole view. At the risk of sounding completely weird, I can honestly say it has enabled me to connect with other like minded people both local and afar, that I would never have otherwise found.

I recently had my first ever insta-meet and was delighted to discover that the person was as lovely as I imagined she would be. Within a few brief moments we were chatting like 'real' friends. I came away from the experience feeling completely uplifted. My second wonderful Instagram meet was just this last weekend. Whilst enjoying a fabulous lunch at Noosa Surf Club, I received a notification from one of my Instagram connections asking if we had just walked past each other. After a few messages backwards and forwards we decided it was time to finally meet in person. It was wonderful to finally meet this wonderful lady in person and discover that she too was the real deal and genuinely really nice.

In both of these instances we found each other through a shared love of Noosa, healthy living and a keen interest for beautiful images of our surroundings. We are all bloggers, which is another common love amongst us and just want to connect with other people excited about the lives that we live. While writing this I can hardly believe that this once skeptical scaredy pants is now finding new and valued friendships via Instagram. Have you ever found a fabulous friend through social media or in particular Instagram?

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

As much as I would luuurve to tell you that the image used for this post is from one of my Insta-meets, sadly I cannot. It is courtesy of ridebro


  1. I think that instameets sound fabulous, but worry about being too socially awkward to actually attend one! Maybe someday (when I stop being chicken, hah). Am glad that yours turned out so well, though :)

    1. After reading your 'Five things / about me' post, I feel that we are very similar in nature Natasha. Like you, I find certain social situations daunting and the thought of an instameet scared the pants off me. I must admit though, it was such a wonderful experience. You'll know if or when it is right for you, Heather xxxx

  2. I've met two lovely girls through IG (both who live on the Sunshine Coast)...we've caught up a couple of times with the young kiddies. I also met Fleur (The Good Project) in a round about way via mutual friends on FB :)

    1. Oh thats lovely! It is wonderful to connect with other Sunny Coasters. Yours is another great example of the positive side to social media. Hopefully we get to catch up one day too! Sending you much bliss, Heather xxx
      P.S. Isn't Fleur just lovely!


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