Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Moments of Bliss: An Abstract Seaside

Good morning bliss seekers! Today we are going abstract and zooming in to that which I often focus beyond. Most of my photos are a landscape view so I can fit as much of the beauty and bliss of my surroundings I possibly can into each shot I take. This is especially so when it comes to my favourite beach and particularly when there is some surf action.

In truth, I can spend hours meandering along the waters edge or along a nature walk focusing on the tiny minute details that catch my eye, I see them as natures great works of art. I am certain that age old saying of 'stopping to smell the roses' allows my spirit to reconnect with the core of my natural essence. It is also something Mr P and I have tried to instil in both our children. That is, taking the time to slow down occasionally and focus on nature as the natural world can be their refuge and place to think, consider and re-energise.

It must be the child in me that loves to explore rocky beachside areas at low tide. Growing up in a seaside village, I spent many hours playing by the ocean and scouring the waters edge for the perfect shell. One of my favourite things to do was what we used to call 'rock hopping' with my Mum and siblings. When the tide was low, a stunning rock shelf was exposed and left a vast area of rock pools full of treasures and sea life to explore. Many hours were spent on that rock shelf, even as an adult as it was something I continued to do with my own children.

As I said, I know my pictures are all very abstract today but I wanted to 'zoom' in on the  magnificent details of nature that often get overlooked when there is so much natural splendour around. Sending you massive amounts of bliss, Heather xx

All photos ar by Heather W


  1. Bliss received thanks Heather, J xx

  2. Beautiful blog Heather. I look forward to following along. It's lovely to find another Noosa girl! x

    1. Thanks for your kind words and for dropping by Cassie. I too look forwrd to following your gorgeous blog. I agree it's wonderful to find other local bloggers, we must stay in contact!


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