Monday, 10 June 2013

Long Weekend Bliss, Adventure & Instagram

Good afternoon bliss seekers and happy Queen's birthday long weekend. Do any of you remember when this long weekend was the one we celebrated with fire crackers and was fondly referred to as 'cracker night!'? A night of BBQ's, Bon Fires, Scottish pipe bands if you went to one of the public events and way too many adults with way too much alcohol in their system lighting fire crackers and teenagers blowing up letter boxes. Not hard to believe they no longer exist really, thank goodness.

Even though there weren't any fire crackers at my house, we still had plenty of adventure this weekend. One of which being a rather large male crab that Master T caught, and bought home to show us before he released it again, which was on the loose in our garage. As funny as it was seeing my kids chasing the wayward and very annoyed crab out from under the lawn mower with fishing nets and wearing oven mitts (for supposed protection); I was consumed with very nasty (and after the fact quite hilarious)  images of missing fingers and an emergency trip up to casualty. Nothing quite so dramatic eventuated and the crab was safely returned to the water, at which point I was able to laugh out load about the whole event.

Our beautiful and sunny start to the weekend quickly turned into a wet and grey winter drizzle and not great for my usual lovely blue ocean pics. We have had some stunning winter weather and surf over this last week though and I managed to catch some great Instagram pic's that I wanted to share with you.

So, how was your weekend, did you experience any adventure? Whatever you did, I hope you were able to find some moments of bliss, Heather xx

All photos are by Heather and can be found on my Instagram Account

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