Friday, 14 June 2013

Bliss Inspiration : Surfing Mums Inc

Hello again bliss seekers. I have mentioned here before about how much I love how active and outdoorsy people are here on the Sunny Coast. The mild winter weather is a big part of the reason we moved here. It allows us to keep up our outdoor activities and you know how much we love being out amongst it, pretty much year round. Another thing I have discovered is the amazing sense of community and genuine interest and care people have for each other. Most new residents are like Mr P and I and have moved their families to the Sunny Coast for the fantastic lifestyle it offers. Often though we have left loved ones behind be it interstate or overseas even, which means we have also left behind our support  network of family and friends. I'm always on the look out for new ways to meet people and make new friends. Today I want to share with you a discovery I made that seems to me like the perfect way for mums and kids to connect with others.

Layne Beachly - love the guy in the background

Last week while enjoying one of my fabulous lattes and blissing out by the ocean, I discovered a small group begin to gather. This is nothing too out of the ordinary for any beach on a nice day, but this group consisted of lots of kids under school age and parents with some pretty cool looking surf boards. Slightly resembling a stalker, I could't stop watching this group as it grew bigger and radiated a relaxing vibe of great friends coming together. You know the kind of gatherings I'm talking about, the ones where you just want to be a part of the group even though you don't know anyone in it!

I then discovered it was a group known as 'Surfing Mums Inc' Turning to Google, I discovered how awesomely cool their concept was. The creation of two passionate surfing chicks turned Mums from Byron Bay, it's aim is to unite mothers (and fathers) through their passion for surfing. This fabulous group is a network of surfing mums that encourages it's members to build great relationships with like minded mums and families. When the waves are pumping, with the support of Surfing Mum's Inc., mums & dads who are caring for their kids can get out in it rather than watching it from the sand. As a group each surfing mum or dad gets a turn out on the waves while the others care for the kids, how cool is that! Such a simple idea that connects parents and kids through a network of support while building treasured friendships. Sounds like adding more bliss to a coastal lifestyle to me. There are 'Surfing Mums Inc' groups all over Australia, click here to locate your nearest group of find out about starting one of your own.

Are you a member of a fabulous group that brings you moments of bliss? I'd love to hear about it.

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

Today's Images were all taken by me and are of the very talented Layne Beachly, seven time women's world surfing champion. I was lucky enough to snap her when she was in Noosa earlier this year for the Festival of Surfing. Even though she isn't a mum herself, she is a massive supporter of anything that gets girls and women out in the surf and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to post her photos.


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