Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bliss Inspiration : Childhood Memories

Fishing Fun

Hello there bliss seekers, I snapped this picture on one of my morning walks and it just melted my heart. The very sight of it catapulted me back in time to when my little man, who is now a young man and as big as his dad, would sit on the end of the wharf back in Shellharbour enjoying 'boy time' with his dad. I'll never forget his big puppy dog eyes as he looked up at Mr P in anticipation of all the wisdom that his Dad was about to impart on him. This made me wonder; was this the first fishing experience for this little lad or a regular event? Was it a holiday memory in the midst of creation or something that happened all of the time? Whatever it was, the squeals and laughter indicated that this little man was having a ball and some major bonding was happening.

When I think of my own kids, who talk about early childhood memories as if they are adults already, it isn't the expensive gifts they remember and talk about. It is the little family rituals and moments of deep connection that happen almost by accident. One of which being when their Dad takes them to the beach early in the morning to witness the sunrise together. Another is all of the balmy summer mornings when we packed our breakfast into a picnic basket and headed for the beach.

A gateway back in time perhaps, or just a novel way to keep people off the end of the jetty!

For me, a childhood memory that stands out is sitting with my beautiful Pop on my grandparents back step sharing peaches. I vividly remember the image of him slicing the peaches with a fruit knife, as we watched over his garden and him asking me "So Flossy, what did you learn at school today?" As I recall, I didn't care much for the taste of peaches back then, but it was the ritual of close emotional connection I shared with my Pop that was the sweetest of all.

Do you have any such childhood memories of family rituals or traditions? I am sure you do, perhaps it is something you haven't thought about in a while.

Sending you much Bliss, Heather xx 

Photos by Heather W

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