Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekend Bliss : Sunshine, a Jetty to jump off and The Noosa River

The gorgeous Noosa River brings hours of entertainment for my family. It provides the perfect meeting point for fantastic social gatherings. I snapped these images of Miss R and her friends amid endless giggles and squeals of laughter as they perfected their ballerina jumps, backwards jumps, holding hands jumps, running in the air jumps and all the other jumps their crazy little minds could think of. Do you remember having these kind of days when you were a kid; when the afternoons were full of adventure and felt like they would last forever and you didn't have a single care in the world because you were having way too much fun with your besties? Now that was bliss!

Hope your weekend was wonderful, Heather xx 

All photos by Heather W. and are copyright to My Ocean Bliss.


  1. This photo is amazing! Love it!

    1. I love it too, it was just one of those magical moments where I was able to snap the right shot!


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