Friday, 17 May 2013

Noosa Food Bliss : The Nutrition Guru and the Chef

Ocean Front Cocktail Marquee at The Noosa International Food & Wine Tasting Festival

Hello bliss seekers. Well Autumn has really kicked in here at Noosa. The coast is bright and sunny but the air temperature has dropped some what this last week. We experienced the coldest day this year yesterday and it certainly was a chilly one. With Noosa hosting it's annual International Food and Wine Festival this weekend, I've decided to continue with the I Quite Sugar theme that I posted earlier this week and introduce you to some Noosa based healthy food bliss today. I found the fabulous husband and wife team known as The Nutrition Guru and the Chef via Instagram of all things; talk about six degrees of separation.

Grilled Camembert, Thyme infused Honey, Pistachio & Macadamia Nuts

As you may have picked up in my earlier post, it is my belief that an active lifestyle and great nutrition is the best and most effective way to good health. Great nutrition is not about the latest fad diets and boring food; it is about wholesome unprocessed food that is energising, satisfying and a joy to eat. I felt like I'd met kindred spirits when read that the Nutrition Guru and the Chef describe their philosophy on food as a belief that "food is our medicine and we are what we eat" and "We do not believe in denying, restricting or removing food or food groups from the diet". 

Macadamia & Pistachio Nut Cookies
Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake

I love their concept. Tara is the nutritionist and Jeff is the chef; head chef actually; at an award winning local resturant here in Noosa called Wasabi. Toghether they blog about the actual dishes they have cooked and recipies they have created themselves. Their passion about wonderful tasting nutritious food is highly contagious. Reading their blog made me want to get stuck in and give many of their recipes a go. The idea that their dishes are devised with the experience of a chef and the knowledge of a nutritionist makes their blog a fabulous resource for healthy eating and living. It doesn't just stop with food and recipes either, the blog also covers topics such as inspiration and motivation, healthy lifestyle advice and restaurant reviews. So, if you want your tastebuds tempted  by some delectable yet not too naughty food, head on over to The Nutrition Guru and the Chef, and check out some Noosa food bliss.

I will be baking the yummy Chocolate Sweet Potato cake with Miss R this weekend. Are you planning to do any cooking or indulge in some delectable bites to eat? Whatever it is you do over the weekend, I hope you are able to find some bliss! Heather xx

Top photo by Heather W. All others are by The Nutrition Guru and the Chef and are copyright to them.


  1. Coastal lifestyle is so relaxing, it just takes the stress off you.

    1. Yes, coastal living enables quite a special lifestyle. Thanks for popping by, sending you some coastal bliss, Heather


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