Friday, 31 May 2013

Noosa Bliss : Have you been to your Local Farmers Market lately?

Happy Friday morning bliss seekers! Do you visit a Farmer's market? We have the very busy Noosa farmer's market close by. Here, we have our special growers (too many to individually name in this post) who we love to visit but often allow our senses to be our guide on the day. With an abundance of fresh seasonal local produce that looks and smells amazing, our senses always get it right. 

I never take a shopping list, just my big ol' hessian grocery bag waiting to be filled. My budget is usually equal to that of a bag filled to the brim. I wish I had more to spend as there is simply so much to choose from, but I guess over the year we manage to spread our love fairly evenly.

Thankfully, around the time my bag is becoming awfully heavy, the waft of freshly ground coffee fills the air. Miss R and Master T make a bee line for their favourite food vendors while Mr P and I kick back with a freshly brewed latte. Taking a seat amongst the communal seating always proves to be a delight as we either bump into someone we know, or end up introducing ourselves to some lovely people who are visiting our gorgeous town.

It's a pretty blissful way to enjoy a Sunday morning, not to mention sampling all of our luscious purchases over the rest of the day. So tell me, do you have a local farmers market?

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All photos by Heather W

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