Friday, 10 May 2013

Noosa Bliss : Dog Surfing at Main Beach

Hello bliss seekers, can you believe it is Friday already? We had a very cool start to our day today, Miss R actually needed to wear long sleeves to school today for the first time this Autumn (Master T doesn't feel the cold apparently)

Anyway, remember way back in March which seems so long a go now, when Noosa hosted the festival of surfing? Well, I took soooo many photos of which I shared a snippet with you and though it was high time I got my rear into gear and posted some more. One very popular event was the dog surfing. No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I did write DOG surfing. I, like the rest of my family knew we just had to go and check it out. We often see dogs sitting on the front of paddle boards in the Noosa river as their owners get about their paddling so the concept wasn't so strange to us. Apparently, listening to some of the chatter of spectators around us, others weren't so convinced. That is until the event got underway, it really was a fabulous thing to watch that surprised a lot of people.

It honestly looked like these dogs were enjoying themselves, if that statement doesn't sound completely ridiculous. Not one of them jumped off the boards and swam back to shore. They all took their rightful place on the front of their mate's board as though they were master and commander of it. On the rare occasion that one did fall off, they jumped straight back on again ready for the next wave.  You can see some of the event for yourself with the YouTube clip below. You'll notice all of the spectators in the back ground, we were actually sitting on the rocks!

So there you have it. If a dog can be mans best friend, then why can't a dog enjoy going out for a surf with his best mate? Pets often become an extension of our family, I know ours are. Do you have a pet that does everything with you or has a unique talent? please tell me about them if you do, I'd love to hear their story.

Sending you much bliss for the weekend, Heather

All photos by Heather W. and video clip via YouTube

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