Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Moments of Bliss : Noosa Boardwalk and National Park Part 1

The water was a stunning crystal blue colour and especially serene at Noosa yesterday but unfortunately for Mr P, not the best surfing conditions. So we took advantage of the crisp Autumn morning weather and walked along Noosa's nature board walk from Main Beach towards the national park. It is such a gorgeous walk made even more beautiful by the view, the sound of the ocean and the strong smell of salt in the air. I usually choose to walk along the Noosa river but find every time I make the effort to head towards the national park, I question myself as to why I don't do that particular walk more often. 

With plenty of stunning views to photograph, I think I drove Mr P. mad with my numerous photo opportunity stops. We also spent some time at Little Cove (a popular surf beach which is a little more secluded than Main Beach) on our way back. I took so many more photos while I was there which I will post in part 2 of this post next week.

We finished our walk feeling as refreshed and revitalised as we would have after a swim in the ocean, it truly was blissful. Do you do much walking or have special places in nature that you love to visit, that leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged?

Sending you Much Bliss, Heather xx

All photos are by Heather and are copyright to My Ocean Bliss


  1. Ooh this is lovely. I especially like the third photo down - that boardwalk looks so tropical!! Hope to visit someday ;)

    1. It really is blissful! I hope you get to visit, you won't be disappointed, Heather xx

  2. ohhh so pretty! love this! i love walking near the ocean to recharge, the water is so cleansing. beautiful! thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jenn, hope you have a wonderful weekend. Heather xx


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