Monday, 13 May 2013

Bliss Inspiration : Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar

Hello bliss seekers, I'm feeling a little bit over indulged after my marvellous mothers day yesterday. Hopefully I made up for it with my extra effort at the gym today! Usually, a big part of my daily feeling of bliss comes form a wholesome and healthy diet along with daily exercise and a lot of time in our beautiful outdoor surroundings. So today, I thought I would talk a little more on the topic of a healthy diet and a new discovery of sorts.

Back in my early thirties, my metabolism began to slow down even though I was eating well and exercising often so I gave my lifestyle a massive rejig. I changed how and when I exercised, turned to  low G.I. foods and cut down on carbohydrates, sugar, salt, and saturated fats. The amazing result was fast, I looked great and felt fantastic. Although, a recent discussion with my Naturopath highlighted that my body was now in serious need of some good fats and believe it or not, salt. This was in complete contrast to all that I had done for the last few years but the thing was, although I looked fit and healthy I just wasn't feeling great at all. Encouraged to adopt a new way of thinking and eating, and with the promise I could do it with out increasing my body fat percentage, I decided that now in my late 30's it was time for another lifestyle shake up. 

Now, this is where the lovely Sarah Wilson and her book I Quite Sugar comes into it. I had heard of this book time and time again but was determined not to get wrapped up in what I thought was the latest diet fad. I don't believe in diets, I believe in quality food eaten in moderation and making good choices. After my recent discussion with my Naturopath though, it seems I need to redefine what good choices were best for me. The information in Sarah's book is now of interest to me and the direction I want to take my health and lifestyle. It has been a wonderful resource to add to my health and food book collection and is a fabulous accompaniment to my Naturopath's information.

So, I have very nervously added small amount of whole fat dairy products, good fats and unrefined rock salt back into my meals. What I didn't realise was how much sugar had crept back onto the scene which has now been completely cut. The hardest part has been dropping the sugar from my non herbal tea, making tea much less enjoyable, which could be an added bonus as a way to drop off caffeine. Not all caffeine though, I can't even consider loosing my four to five lattes each week - not yet anyway.

It is all still early days but I must say that my skin is unbelievably clear, I feel physically much better and I don't seem to have any extra or unwanted fat deposits. So tell me, have any of you followed Sarah's book? Or have you had to rethink what you thought was a healthy lifestyle to improve your health? I'd love to hear about it.

For more information on quitting sugar you can visit this great post on sugar by Naturopath Karen McElroy

Sending you some food for thought today and as always lots of bliss, Heather xx

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  1. Yes Heather, I read Sarahs ebook last year and can say that I found the concept very interesting. I went sugar free till recently and I must say i felt good on it..and when they talk about no sugar its only certain types of sugar. i think I learnt a lot about how they hide sugar in our foods and what to look out for and I also discovered a lot of new foods that I had never tried through her cookbook guide.

    1. I agree, the concept is interesting and I have found a few new bits of information with regard to sugar. We're about to tackle some of the recipes this week which should be interesting. Thanks for your feedback Nic, Love Heather xxx

  2. I have heard using Agave syrup as a relacement for sugar when baking, is healthy as it is a natural sweetener and you use less than sugar. I did buy it but then gave it away as a present, need to look at it again. The best way is dropping the added sugars to your drinks and meals, it does not take too long to get used to it. I was also surprised to find that my body needed rock salt occassionaly and had to reintroduce it back into my diet. Watching the cooking programe Good Chef/Bad Chef gave me some tips. You are fabulous Heather and you look wonderful, I am sure you are doing a great thing for yourself, love mum xx


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