Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bliss Inspiration : New Mini Cards By Moo

Along with giving this little blog an update recently I also ordered my first lot of business cards, and I'm very excited today to show off my new mini cards by the company known as Moo. Feeling more confident with the quality of my blog and it's content, I found myself talking about it more to people which often followed with me being asked the name of it. I thought that having a uniquely styled card that offers a snippet of My Ocean Bliss would be a great way to entice people to visit. I have also found myself taking more photos of people out and about in Noosa, which is something I would like to do more of, and have found handing out a card gives me a perfect ice breaker (as this concept of approaching people is completely nerve racking for me). So far the reaction to my new cards has been terrific and they have been the fantastic ice breaker I envisioned them to be. I adore the cute little boxes they arrived in, just like a jewellery box filled with treasures to be shown off.

So if you're looking to design or purchase some new cards, I would highly recommend checking out Moo. I have chosen their Mini Cards but of course they also do normal sized business cards, postcards, stickers and labels. You can upload your own images and personalise the format to suit you, or use their pre-made designs of which the choice seems to be endless. It was truly so easy to navigate through the  process and design my cards, and I was emailed every step of the way with little updates as to what stage my cards were at. I will definitely be using Moo again very soon for some other ideas I have for My Ocean Bliss.

Sending you much Bliss, Heather xx

All photos by Heather W.

This is not a sponsored post, just another wonderful find I wanted to share.


  1. The cards look lovely :) I have been thinking for awhile that I should make some moo cards for my blog but have yet to get around to it ...

    1. As you can see I am very impressed with the whole Moo experience. I can imagine how beautiful cards would look with your gorgeous images on them Natasha xxxx

  2. Hey heather, im glad you were happy with moo..great products and quality hey! I got some stickers and postcards versatile. Your images look stunning on them.

    1. Oh yes I am very happy with Moo, thanks for telling me about them. I'll be checking out more of their products for sure! I see your give away went really well over at Alphabet Monkey! Heather xxx


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