Monday, 6 May 2013

Bliss Inspiration : Instinctive Connections

Have you ever had that moment where you meet someone and connect with their personality in an instant? I have had moments of such connections throughout my life and that, what I like to call gut instinct, has never let me down. Some of my best and most important friendships and relationships have formed through such meetings.

Much to my delight I have experienced this twice recently. One of which started out as a casual meet up that went on to be a long coffee and discovery for how much we had in common. It was almost eerie as to how similar our likes and dislikes were, our common interest in the arts, our love of modern history, reading and our ideas on parenting and family values. By the end of the coffee I had been invited to join a book club and the following evening I met seven more amazing ladies at my new monthly book club dinner.

The book I am reading this month is called Her Fathers Daughter by Alice Pung.  Set in Melbourne, China and Cambodia, it is the story of the self discovery of Alice, the Australian daughter of Cambodian refugees. Through the uncovering of family history and the knowledge of the invisible threads that bind her family, Alice begins to understand the delicate and unique relationship she has with her father. It is definitely not my usual genre, which is what I love about being in a book club. I am half way through and I must admit I have been quietly surprised by how fascinating I am finding this book.

So, the next time you have that feeling of connection with someone, go with it. You never know just what  wonderful new experience it may lead to.

Sending you much Bliss, Heather xx

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