Saturday, 20 April 2013

Weekend Bliss : Seaside Treasures

Ahh it's the weekend and time to relax and enjoy some bliss. As you know, we like to get out and about whenever we can to enjoy this gorgeous environment we call home. Noosa is filled with beautiful board walks, bike tracks, footpaths and nature walks all of which you are likely to find my family walking, bike riding or skateboarding along. Sometimes though, its lovely to sit along the waters edge  and just be in the moment, which is exactly what we did today. Without anywhere to be we had plenty of time to let Miss R enjoy one of her favourite past times; scouring the water line for shells and all the sorts of seaside treasures one would expect to find as the tide drifts back out to sea. From the time she was little (and her big brother for that matter) she would be contently entertained by the whole exercise. There have been so many hours spent sitting on the sand and observing the kids marvelling at their found treasures. For all the times I have joined in, and trust me there have been many, I have found it to be extremely relaxing and blissful even. So today I'd like to share some of our finds with you.

Even the tiniest of fragments can bring the greatest amounts of happiness, and photograph so beautifully. So there you have it, a little taste of our weekend so far. Don't forget to find some bliss for yourself this week end!

Heather xx

All photos are copyright to Heather W. and Also all treasures were left in their natural environment on the waters edge for the next lot of treasure hunters to enjoy.


  1. Sounds like a relaxing day. Your pics are so great too. We were rained in today so hoping to get out and about a bit tomorrow .nicx

    1. It was very relaxing thanks Nic, and great to zoom in and take pics of the little things rather then my usual larger views. Hopefully the sun is shining again today for you, so you too can enjoy the gorgeous environment around your home town. Sending you much bliss, Heather xxxx

  2. I used to love collecting seashells at family visits to the beach when I was younger! - thank you for reminding me of those memories. Hope you continue to have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. My pleasure Natasha! I also spent hours as a kid searching for shells. I hope the rain stopped in Sydney long enough to find some Bliss this week end. Although sometimes those rainy weekends make great movie, book and food weekends. Kindest regards, Heather xx


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