Monday, 29 April 2013

Weekend Bliss : Calm Waters and Scattered Jewels

It has been another glorious weekend in paradise. We currently have the Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest in action, which has bought many visitors to our beautiful town. Noosa is a buzz with excited energy and a fabulous vibe as well as plenty of fit and healthy people around town. The great thing about living here is even when we have many people visit Noosa, it doesn't lose its character, charm, or unique and blissful ambiance.

Sunrises are always a highlight for me, especially when they are as serene as the one we experienced this weekend. The gentle calm of the river was particularly grounding and left me feeling nurtured by nature. The conditions were absolutely perfect to be out on the water, so we waved goodbye to Master T and the rest of the early morning rowers on their 7km training session on the magnificent river. 

We had time to linger along the waters edge and explore its treasures, while we basked under the glow of the soft morning light. Blossoms that had fallen from nearby trees and began to dry out appeared as jewels scattered over the sand, soldier crabs were busy at work and I was adoring the simple beauty of the subject matter.

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All photos are by Heather W and are copyright to me and


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