Friday, 12 April 2013

Noosa Bliss : Mooshka

When It comes to places to eat, we are absolutely spoilt for choice here at Noosa. There is everything from fish and chip shops cooking up the most delectable fresh seafood, burgers and the like to the most sophisticated and refined five star dinning, and then everything in between. Often, being spoilt for choice can be slightly overwhelming along with the added matter of being creatures of habit, Mr P and I usually find our favourite haunts and stick to them. Realising we were missing out on so much of what Noosa has to offer, we decided to try a new dining experience at least once a month.

Mr P was given the task of choosing our first 'out of habit' venue to try and we ended up at a funky little cafe style restaurant called Mooshka. This eclectic venue is oh so full of a charming retro vibe and is bursting with atmosphere and to top it off, the food was outstanding. With a fantastic menu of Mezze platters, gourmet pizzas, speciality mains, desserts and dedicated kids meals there was plenty to choose from. The cocktail list was pretty special too, we must go back and try a couple I think. The lighting was very low, not much more then candle light actually and I only had my iPhone on me but the photos didn't turn out too bad.

The eclectic vibe was enhanced by the retro and vintage decor. I love the old tables and chairs they remind me of my nan's house and the surfing movies being played kept the juniors occupied.

The place mats were made out of old record covers, such a cool idea!

Cocktails any one? I will be back to try the Pina Colada, a reminder of my pre-children days when Mr P and I actually went out to night clubs and stayed out past midnight.

The cosy lounge area, perfect for sharing a mezze platter and sipping one of your favourite beverages. Have you tried any new dining venues lately, or are you a creature of habit too?

Sending out much Bliss, Heather xx

All dimly lit photos are by Heather

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