Friday, 26 April 2013

Noosa Bliss : Fotos In Noosa Photography

I recently stumbled across the amazing photography of Keith Hamlyn on Instagram when I recognised some Noosa locals in his images. Keith is a Noosa Heads based photographer who just like me enjoys sharing the joy of living by the sea through inspirational photographs. Being a lover of nature and the environment, local tour guide and surfer, gives him a unique insight into producing such stunning images.

His current and continuing body of work is called 'i sea you' and was inspired by many late afternoon surfs at his local point break. He noticed the powerful affect water and the late afternoon sun had on many of the faces he was looking at and knew there was a story to be told.

Keith's images are pure bliss to me. He has captured the beauty of each of the individuals he has photographed in such a natural and breathtaking way. For me, his images display that beauty isn't always about being glamorous, made up and wearing designer clothes accompanied by the latest lifestyle accessories. It can also be about ripping back the layers of material possessions while being at peace with our simplest selves. It doesn't get more simple and natural then wearing only your favourite swimwear and immersing oneself in the bliss of the deep blue sea while the warmth of the days last rays of sunlight warm your face.

To see more of Keith's remarkable images and some of the beautiful people from my home town Noosa, please visit his website called fiN which is short for Fotos In Noosa 

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All images were taken by Keith Hamlyn and are copyright to him and fiN


  1. wow I'm loving these photos! the concept of having people standing/come out of water like that is really brilliant. I feel like having them in b&w too makes it all the better...

    1. They are quite amazing aren't they! Keith has a special talent for bring out the authentic beauty of all that he photographs. I adore the black and white too, Heather xx

  2. Hi Heather
    Thanks for popping by at my place. I haven't had time to add my buttons yet but are planning to deal with it soon.
    These pictures are A M A Z I N G. Love everything about them. What a great artist this Keith is. My favorite is the bottom one. Maybe because it represents love. It would be really nice to have a picture like that of myself and my husband one day... He doesn't really like to be in front of the camera but a picture like this I am sure he would like. Thank you for sharing. Happy Sunday down under.

    My Rose Valley

    1. Ahh it all takes time Annette and time is one thing us mums are often short of. The image you mentioned that you like is actually of Keith's parents. How lovely for him (and them) to be able to photograph them in that way! Yes I'd love to have similar portraits taken too. See you at Rose Valley again soon. Sending you much bliss, Heather


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