Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Moments of Bliss : Two little buddies sitting on a break wall….

We're determined not to let the grey clouds get the better of us these school holidays and as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we have continued to get out and about as much as possible. I took this photo of Miss R and one of her buddies during a recent visit to the beach. The two of them sat on this rock wall and chatted away to their hearts content. It seemed they were solving the worlds biggest problems whilst checking out the surf action and comparing school holiday adventure stories. 

As ominous as the weather looks, the water was actually a balmy 24 degrees but these two little surfing grooms (who are usually hard to get out of the water) were happy to just sit, observe, commentate and leave the action to their peers. All in all the day turned out to be yet another little adventure in paradise while adding to the bank of precious family memories. Have you had any adventures lately?

Sending you much Bliss, Heather xx

Photos by Heather

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