Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Moments of bliss : Lets go to school via the beach

Can you believe Easter has been and gone? Are you recovering from a sugar overload or feeling pleasantly refreshed? Due to the modest amount of treats left by the Easter bunny this year I'm happy to say for me it is the later. I didn't overindulged in too many chocolate delights, I enjoyed great amounts of quality family time and thanks to the glorious weather here in Noosa, we managed to get out and about and enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings.

I actually took these photos last week but due to my energies being focused on my recent blog upgrade and Easter, I have been late in getting to share them with you. The juniors were ready for school early on this particular day, a rarity in itself, so instead of letting them watch T.V. or pick up their 'devices' I decided we would go to school via the beach. The morning was so peaceful and calm and after a run of extra high tides and large swell, so was the ocean. The safety barriers that were installed along the boardwalk due to the heavy beach erosion had just been removed and our spectacular beach was returning to its former glory. The sand that had been sucked out and dumped off shore was once again finding its way home. We also witnessed the sand recycling spout in action as it gave Mother Nature a helping hand.

So, all in all it was a wonderful way to start our day and left me feeling incredibly thankful that we are able to call such a magnificent location home.

Heather xx

All photos taken by Heather


  1. Oh my gosh - I love these images - and yes what an amazing place to call home. Here it's sunny but snow still ha ha - a very different place indeed. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog, have a lovely day:)

  2. Thanks for visiting me Anya. Ooohhh snow is so foreign to our shores, my kids have actually never seen it before! I love visiting Copenhagen via your wonderful blog. I hope that some day we will actually get there for real.
    With much Bliss from Heather xx


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