Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Extra Bliss : Where exactly did March go?

We are well and truly into the second week of the Easter school holidays here at the moment and I have spent the last couple of days away from the Mac to enjoy some bliss and time out with the family. We've enjoyed some glorious sunrises and gorgeous sunsets, much socialising with friends, got out into the great outdoors and have been to the beach in between showers of Autumn rain. Even with the rain, the tropical air temperature has been a lovely 24 degrees which is one of the reasons we made the big move north from Shellharbour. 

During one of my recent Moments of Bliss, I realised that it is the 2nd week into April and I haven't taken the time to reflect on March. Have you ever heard the saying ' The days are long but the years are short'? I read it in Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project. I seem to have been running from one thing to the next through out March but can't seem to remember much of it at all. So where exactly did March go?

Lets see; it all started with day one of my Blog Boss e-course with Holly Becker and loads of smiles and pockets of blue skies. I indulged in a spot of High Tea with my dear Mum, took a quiet moment to celebrate International Women's Day then rushed off to catch all the action of the Noosa Festival of Surfing. I became bizarrely fascinated by the historical rituals of the Vatican, returned to my senses to be inspired by the surf, sunshine and 8 amazing blogs to read then stopped to enjoy a beautiful Autumn Sunset. I said goodbye to Google Reader, visited some surf shops, ate snow cones and partook in a beachside adventure. I created a mood board full of design ideas and future directions for this blog and implemented some of those ideas when I introduced a brand new look to My Ocean Bliss, then finished off the month with the Hop, hippity hop of the Easter Bunny. Phew any wonder I felt a little crazy in March, it was quite a month.

Now, back into April. So many things to tell you and photos to share with you. Be sure to come back soon so you don't miss any of it.

Sending you much Bliss, Heather xx

All Photos are by Heather


  1. No idea either Heather time is flying! Still looks beautiful weather in Noosa in your pics gorgeous sunset over the water looks so serene!
    Carla x

    1. Hey Carla, lovely to have you visit me again. They say time flies when your having fun, so we must be having lots of fun in our lives! Oh yes there is quite a lot of serenity to be had here in Noosa. Much bliss, Heather xx

  2. March went by so fast! And now it is almost mid-April again! You are so lucky with the balmy weather up North, I will be so jealous once winter hits Melbourne! Kristina x

    1. I love Melbourne so much, but tend to visit in the warmer months because I am a bit of a cold frog. I am jealousy though about all of those beautiful coats and boots you get to wear through winter down there. Heather xx


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