Thursday, 25 April 2013

Anzac Day : Lest We Forget

Floral Tributes to honour the fallen

Many of my extended family members have been and are currently involved in Australia's Defence Services which makes Anzac Day is a very important day for us. Today it began at 4am to prepare for the day's events where we joined hundreds of people at dawn at our local cenotaph to pay our respects. For us, there is nothing we enjoy more on Anzac Day than the Dawn service. Master T was also on parade today and was one of the cadets chosen to guard the cenotaph, which made the day even more special. Rather than use too many words for this post I would like to share my day with you through some of the images I took today. 

Our early start was rewarded with a spectacular sunrise.

Master T. on guard and Miss R paying her respects

May they be never forgotten but always remembered .

It is amazing to see just how many returned service men and women there are in our community. There is a heck of a lot of public service been paid to our great country by them and their families for that fact.

Even if they can no longer march by foot, they still participate and are grateful for the community support and appreciation. This is their day and one they often wait all year for.

Today was a great day to be an Aussie.

To make all of the flag waving even better, I discovered the flags were actually Australian made and not mass produced elsewhere. Which made be feel even prouder to be Australian

As you would expect, our Anzac day is not complete until we've visited the beach once all activities are completed. We sighted this surf report at Noosa main beach and thought it was fantastic. Another one of our larrikin life guards with a sense of humour at work again I would say.

So there you have it, no two - up for us today but plenty of Anzac spirit none the less. Do you celebrate Anzac Day or have any military ties? If so, I'd love to know how you celebrate and honour the day.

Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

All photos were taken by Heather W. and are copyright to


  1. Flat ocean days are MY FAVOURITE!!!

    There, I said it!

    As much as the surfers moan and loath the days when there are no waves, I rejoice on these days of no surf, where one gets to bask in the serene calm and stillness of the oceanscape...

    I love the sea in all her guises, from the crystal clear to the murky gloom. I love the everchanging tides and the canvas of the skies.

    Perhaps this Anzac Day the ocean showed her respect to the lives of those burdened by her everhealing way.

    Perhaps a little bit of boredom did us some good that day!!

    Hee hee


    1. Thank - You my dear friend for sharing your beautiful, heartfelt and poetic words, and for visiting me at My Ocean Bliss. You obviously have a strong and emotive connection to the deep blue sea. I too adore the gentle stillness of a flat and clam ocean, I find it extremely nurturing for my spirit. Sending you much bliss from one ocean lover to another, Heather


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