Monday, 25 March 2013

Moments of Bliss : Surf shops, snow cones and beach side adventures

A glimpse at our weekend

I always find it difficult to get into the swing of my week day routine on Mondays, especially when Mr P and I had a head start with the bliss of a lazy morning at the beach and brunch at our favourite cafe on the previous Friday. I still pinch myself with disbelief most days and even more so on the weekends at the thought that we actually live at Noosa. A dream holiday destination for many, just as it was for us, that has now become our home. 

This week end our life in paradise included a walk through the beautiful national park on our way to the beach, a browse through one of our local surf shops, cooling down with some icy snow cones and Mr P working on his arm strength while carrying his and Miss R's boards to some fantastic surf.

Noosa River

Another delight was Master T's first of many early mornings rowing on the gorgeous Noosa River. Something else I love about life on the Sunny Coast is the opportunity for kids to get involved with sporting clubs and groups as a way to experience a wonderfully social, active and healthy lifestyle.

Natural beauty at it's best

Every ounce of daylight was put to good use by this active, ocean loving family of mine so of course I have to finish this post with a perfect Noosa sunset. Just blissful isn't it!

What are Mondays like for you? 

Heather xx

All photos by Heather 


  1. Hello Heather, just jump over to say hello and thank you to your sweet words about my moodboard at Holly´s Blogboss course. Its always so fine to meet new creative people here and wow, your summer photography make me so jealous, because here in Germany we have still snow (Although it is springtime) nice to meet you and we see us in class...all the best...and cheers from Germany...Ines

    1. Hello Ines, lovely to have you pop over. I totally agree, Holly's class has been so inspiring. The best part is getting to know wonderful people like yourself from very distant lands. I'll be calling in to your lovely blog and visiting often. Heather xx

  2. Oh wow, Noosa! I am slightly jealous I have to admit. :) I moved to Melbourne 18 months ago, but I would loooove to move somewhere as tropical, sunny and warm as Noosa! Your weekend looks fabulous!
    Kristina x

    1. Hello Kristina, thank you for visiting my little piece of bliss. You have to come to Noosa!!! Even just for a holiday but be warned you will fall in love with it and find it hard to leave. I'd be happy to share some local secrets with you! Heather xx

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