Sunday, 31 March 2013

Moments Of Bliss : Hop, Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop

Did the Easter Bunny find you today? He certainly found us and left some very tasty delights. I must admit he thankfully exercised a tid bit more restraint this year then in previous, which is definitely for the best. I find allowing the juniors to machine through their Chocolate treats at an uncontrolled rate is rather self levelling. By mid morning to lunch time they are always happy to put the chocolate aside (for a short while) and to eat a well balanced lunch. To my surprise we got through the day with out too many chocolate induced tantrums or dramas and that was just me, only joking.

So, of course we made it to the beach today for an afternoon stroll on the sand and a paddle along the waterline which was very grounding and refreshing for all concerned. To top off our day of sweet treats we visited our favourite gelateria and watched the last of the days autumn sunlight fill the sky. What a glorious way to end a beautiful day with my family. It was total Bliss.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend 

Heather xx

All photographs taken by Heather

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