Saturday, 2 March 2013

February Frolics

A wet end To February and summer. Noosa Main Beach

I can't believe that summer has been and gone and Autumn has arrived. Thankfully I was able to enjoy ever bit of summer with all its glory, wind, rain and beautiful sunshine. Summer has long since been a very contemplative time for me. I believe it is due to the festive nature of the season as well as the long summer holiday break from the usual routines of life. There are many opportunities for me to just be with my thoughts, relax and reflect on and enjoy the beauty of  life I have created with my family.

My February Frolic

I anticipate that Autumn will be my season for action and new routines. Before I embrace March, I thought a review of February and the frolicking great time I had was in order. It all started with a great little thought from Roald Dahl, before our coastline was reshaped by mother nature. I was mesmerised by Waldeck and the rhythms of Ballroom stories and received a picture perfect memory of Sydney. I was dramatically overcome with a gentle sense of tranquillity, before receiving an unexpected gift of friendship and happiness. With February being the month of love I delightfully reminisced on the romance of dance and honoured how Mr P and I stick together even when we feel a little bit crazy, while Valentines day was all about cupcakes this year. I asked the question why don't build Queenslander style homes anymore? and introduced you to a little bit of Funshine (yes I did spell it right), while taking a snippet of inspiration from a five year old Mr Lennon . I sang a silly little rain song and smiled gracefully at the short lived pockets of blue skies and sunshine.

So, how did you end your summer? are you ready for Autumn? What do you anticipate March has in store for you?

Heather xx

All photos are by Heather


  1. What a busy month. Great photos.

    1. Busy and very, very enjoyable. Thanks for popping in! Regards Heather


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