Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bliss Inspiration: It all starts with Blog Boss and thanks to Holly Becker

My heart is doing cartwheels over the start of Holly Becker's Blog Boss e-course, while my Daughter Miss R does the real thing!

For those of us who dwell in the Southern hemisphere, March signals the beginning of Autumn. As I mentioned in my last post, it also marks the dawn of 'the season for action' for this little seeker of bliss. 

Much to my absolute excitement it has started with a burst of activity with the commencement of Blog Boss, my second blogging course with the fabulous Holly Becker. The first course, BYW : Bootcamp gave me so much inspiration and insight into blogging from the very first class through to the very last. Holly has this amazing knack of bringing out the very best in all of her students and helping us realise our unique personal potential. The energy and tone of the course set by Holly is outstanding and enables students to connect on such an honest and heartfelt level, even though it is held in an online environment. I have made many fantastic blogging friendships since that first wonderful course.

Four days into Blog Boss, first lesson down, homework received, inspiration gained and lots of getting to know my new class mates and I am ecstatic. I  am positive this course will have yet another hugely positive affect on my blogging abilities, maybe even more so this time around as I am not such a newbie to the blogging scene.

So, action stations are a go! Completely confident that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be at this very moment in time, I couldn't be any more thrilled, inspired, energised and ready to get going!

Have you taken any action in your life lately? Or is it something you need to do?

Heather xx


  1. Hi Heather, loved your post re: Holly's course. I love the look of your blog and really portrays your love of where you live and who you are. Congrats
    Fi x

    1. Thanks for visiting Fi and your very kind words, see you in class!
      Kindest regards Heather


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